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Barium sulfate construction solution
- 2020-11-26-

Properly spray water on the wall before construction, and then ensure that the plaster layer is effectively combined with the wall. To ensure the uniformity of the protective layer, cement mortar should be used to level the wall before construction. Find some protective materials for the wall. The thickness of the wall should be greater than 20mm, and special treatment is required on the wall.

The mixing is carried out in strict accordance with the relevant process ratio of barium sulfate, and is used according to the construction schedule.

The protective material is used in proportion to C25 cement.

Apply the layer to the appropriate thickness each time to prevent the wall mortar from sagging and affecting the quality.

In order to prevent cracks in the barium sulfate connection position, continue construction after stubbing the connection position.

In the next plastering construction, the construction layer must be completely solidified before proceeding.

In the process of solidification of barium sulfate, if cracks appear, a spatula must be used to remove deep furrows along the cracks. According to different departments, shovel out to different depths until the cracks are connected to the layer, and then use protective cement mortar to fill up.

During construction in winter, antifreeze should be added to barium sulfate and the room temperature should be controlled above 10℃.