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Focus on the innovation of barium sulfate product quality and production process
- 2019-09-24-

At present, the topic of air pollution is very sensitive. China has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection industry. Transparent blown film master batches are currently experiencing a boom in the domestic barium sulfate market. Manufacturers are working hard to improve the quality of barium sulfate products. Technical transformation It is indispensable. Based on many years of production experience, the factors affecting product quality are summarized; solutions to problems are proposed for impurities in the raw material liquid that exceed the standard and the technological conditions of each production process are unreasonably controlled.

Aiming at the problems existing in the traditional barium sulfate production process, such as: low barite utilization rate, low system heat utilization rate, low product quality, aging process equipment, single product variety, etc., the entire process of technological transformation was implemented in the production process, so that Product quality has been improved, and the operating cost of surface treatment barium sulfate has been significantly reduced. The optimized configuration of the process system according to the product structure function has been achieved, and the product has gradually developed into new technologies and new process directions.

We must also protect our barite resources. After all, they are non-renewable resources, and the simple principle is that they are used by the people.

The products produced are widely used in the plastic industry and various coating products. We pursue advanced technical services and also focus on developing innovative products and updating product formulas. Our goal is to pursue high-performance production and processing methods.