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Barium sulfate transparent filling master batch and preparation method and process thereof
- 2019-09-24-

Barium sulfate has very good properties. It can improve the wear resistance and aging resistance in plastics. It has a very wide application scale in the field of plastic filling and plays a very important role in inorganic fillers. Barium sulfate has the advantages of strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, high whiteness, moderate hardness, and absorption of harmful rays. Therefore, it is widely used in various plastics, rubber, coatings, and other production fields. Barium sulfate can increase the hardness, strength, heat resistance and abrasion resistance of products, and is one of the functional inorganic fillers with promising development.

Barium sulfate has excellent functions in common, which makes it have a wide range of applications. It has achieved obvious results in the plastics profession, and has become one of the important functional filling materials indispensable in the plastics profession. China's barium sulfate resources are very rich, but it is necessary to accelerate the development of products in order to effectively promote its prosperity in the plastics industry. It is necessary to further develop new plastic materials with barium sulfate as a filler, so that it can exert its excellent functional advantages in various plastics, such as wear resistance, anti-aging, bright and high gloss, and can reduce the cost of composite materials. In addition, it can improve the purpose of inductive function of composite materials and continue to vigorously explore new fields of barium sulfate application in China. The study on the modification of plastic materials by barium sulfate powder has extremely high economic value and very broad development prospects.

Functional filling masterbatch is a new product in recent years. Barium sulfate has a small particle size, high brightness, good gloss, good appearance and hue, and can improve the tensile strength of plastic. The prepared masterbatch is added to plastic film products. It can replace most petrochemical products, reduce the amount of plastic used, adhere to the transparency of the film, and at the same time reduce the use and processing costs. Compared with traditional talc powder masterbatch and calcium carbonate filled masterbatch, it has a greater quality and processing. Advantages, it can be used for the filling and modification of polyolefin products such as polyethylene blown film, injection molding, and plastic weaving, reducing costs, improving mechanical functions, acid and alkali resistance, no separation, good weather resistance, no harmful substances, few impurities, and no crystals Point, high purity, can effectively ensure product safety and surface gloss.