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Dedicated Barium Sulfate for Coatings
- 2019-09-24-

Dedicated Barium Sulfate for Coatings

Deposited barium sulfate has the advantages of strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, insolubility in water, ethanol, organic solvents, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high gloss, and ability to absorb harmful x-rays. Functional materials. Anyi Nano Group has its own patent for barium sulfate, different reaction skills and advanced grinding skills from others. The particle size distribution of the barium sulfate deposited by Anyi Nano is very narrow. At the same time, the appearance is processed through a variety of different appearances. Very good affinity.

★ Product Features

Cost-effective Anion nanometer-deposited barium sulfate has a very high reflection coefficient in a wide spectrum, so its appearance is white powder and color neutral. This keeps the original brightness and hue of the pigment. Most pigments tend to form agglomerates, which can weaken the pigment's tinting power. Whether it is a water-based colorant, a solvent colorant or a general-purpose colorant, the use of anion nanometer deposition of barium sulfate will significantly reduce flocculation problems in the preparation of various pigments, increase steric hindrance or charge repulsion to stabilize the pigment, and improve its cost-effectiveness. It can also effectively reduce the amount of various pigments used to replace pigments, including titanium dioxide, color pigments and carbon black.

Greater gloss

Anyi nano-deposited barium sulfate has super good dispersibility, so the coatings added with Anyi nano-deposited barium sulfate have extremely high gloss and rheological functions even at higher concentrations. Reduce the content of solvent. The low oil absorption of Anion nanometer deposit barium sulfate can effectively increase the solid content of the color paste and reduce the amount of solvent. Has little effect on viscosity and reduces VOC. Shortening the grinding time The application of Anyi nanometer-deposited barium sulfate in the preparation of paint can effectively reduce the flocculation problem in the preparation of various pigments, not only save raw materials, but also shorten the grinding and dispersion time.

Good weather resistance

Anyi nano-deposited barium sulfate has strong light reflection ability in the ultraviolet wavelength range, can cooperate with TiO2, and has good sun resistance and weather resistance.

Improved mechanical functions

The coating added with Anyi nanometer-deposited barium sulfate has better interlayer adhesion and film hardness.