Fully degradable blown film material AY-G30

Fully degradable blown film material AY-G30

Product Details

AY-G30 is a new product of Anyi Company. It is a blended modified material based on the fully biodegradable polyester PLA+calcium carbonate+PBAT. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties and processing properties. Meet the application of various specifications of shopping bags.

Product Features

1. Fully biodegradable. Under certain industrial composting conditions, it can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide.

2. Excellent physical and mechanical properties and puncture resistance, with higher bearing capacity under the same thickness.

3. The processing range is wide, and it can be connected with stable processing.

4. Good product performance stability and printing performance.

Product Usage

Products can be widely used in different specifications of supermarkets, farmer's markets, packaging bags, roll bags, vest bags and agricultural mulching film industries.

Packaging and storage

25kg/bag. This product is absorbent, please try to use it up after opening the package.

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