Nano transparent functional masterbatch AY-T80

Nano transparent functional masterbatch AY-T80

Product Details

Product introduction:

AY-T80 is a new product developed by our company through a number of scientific research institutions. It has obtained national patents. Transparent masterbatch, filling masterbatch, and open masterbatch are made of high-tech nanotechnology and made of nano-scale inorganic materials and plastic carriers. It has the characteristics of high transparency, high gloss, easy dispersion, and enhanced mechanical properties. It is widely used in products such as blown film, injection molding, and casting. The increase amount is about 10-45% . It is a product that reduces production costs and improves product performance.


uHigh transparency: The particle size of the inorganic material used in this product is less than 100nm , and the transmittance of visible light ( 390-780nm ) is high, so adding 10-45% masterbatch does not affect the transparency of the product.

uHigh gloss: The particle size of the inorganic material used in this product is small, so the product after adding this product has super high gloss;

u Bright color: The L value of the inorganic material used in this product is as high as 99.5 , which is much higher than the L value of ordinary inorganic materials , so the product has a bright color after adding the product;

u Good dispersibility: The product is synthesized with a new nanotechnology, and the inorganic material is organically coated. The masterbatch and resin have good immersion, compatibility and easy dispersion;

uIncrease mechanical properties: This product uses 100nm inorganic material, which can greatly improve the tensile and granule properties of the product, and play a role in enhancing toughness;

u Good chemical resistance: The inorganic materials used in this product have good acid resistance, alkali resistance and chemical resistance, so products made from this product have excellent chemical resistance;

u Non-toxic and harmless: This product does not contain heavy metals and fluorescent brighteners and other harmful substances, which can effectively ensure the safety of the product, and the film added with this product has passed the national food hygiene standards and several US FDA standards.

Technical indicators:






White particle


Grain / 10g

200 ± 50

The melt flow rate

190 ℃, 5kg / 10min


105 ℃ volatiles




g / cm 3


Filling content



Product Usage:

AY-T80 is suitable for polyolefin, such as LLDPE , LDPE , HDPE , PP , biodegradable plastics and other materials, such as blown film, blow molding, extrusion, injection molding, and calendering.

Packaging and storage:

Generally 25kg / bag. It should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, avoiding getting wet.