Nanometer precipitated barium sulfate AY-6300

Nanometer precipitated barium sulfate AY-6300

Product Details

Product introduction:

The AY-6300 precipitated barium sulfate manufacturer is a new result of the research and development of Anyi Group through a number of scientific research institutions. Using new technology, the product has a small particle size, a narrow distribution range, good chemical stability, high activation, good dispersion, and whiteness. Advanced features. Transparent barium sulfate and ultrafine barium sulfate can be widely used in various coatings and plastic products, which can significantly improve the surface gloss, leveling, hardness, impact resistance, adhesion and reduce costs of the products.


u High purity, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and no loss of light, reducing color change.

u Good dispersion, with space separation effect, can reduce the amount of pigment.

u High degree of activation, good dispersibility, and good affinity with various resins.

u Low oil absorption and good leveling.

u L ° value is high, with super high gloss and vividness.

u Uniform particle size, can maintain the mechanical properties of the product.

u Less impurities, no harmful substances, can ensure product safety and surface cleanliness.

Technical indicators:




White powder

Oil absorption%




L value


Dispersion μm




Volatile matter at 105 ℃%


Particle size D50 (μm)


Product Usage:

Can be widely used in various automotive paints / wooden paints / interior and exterior wall coatings / anticorrosive coatings / powder coatings, modified engineering plastics industries, various masterbatch industries, plastics, anticorrosive and rustproof coatings and other industries. It can replace 5% -10% titanium dioxide in different industries.

Packaging and storage:

Generally 25kg / bag. It should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place, avoiding getting wet.