Precipitated barium sulfate AY-JB61

Precipitated barium sulfate AY-JB61

Product Details

Precipitated barium sulfate has the following advantages in coating applications:

1.High cost performance

Glossy barium sulfate has a very high reflection coefficient in a wide spectrum, so its appearance is white powder and color neutral. This keeps the pigment's original vividness and hue. Most pigments tend to form agglomerates, which weakens the tinting power of the pigment. Whether it is water-based, solvent-based, or general-purpose colorants, the use of precipitated barium sulfate can significantly reduce flocculation problems in the preparation of various pigments, increase steric hindrance or charge repulsion to stabilize the pigment, and improve its cost-effectiveness. It can also effectively reduce the amount of various pigments used to replace pigments, including titanium dioxide, color pigments, and carbon black.

2. Greater gloss

Precipitated barium sulfate has super good dispersibility, so coatings with precipitated barium sulfate have extremely high gloss and rheological properties even at higher concentrations.

3. Reduce solvent content

The precipitated barium sulfate has low oil absorption, which can effectively increase the solid content of the color paste and reduce the amount of solvent. Has little effect on viscosity and reduces VOC.