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Products made of precipitated barium sulfate have high whiteness, hiding power and high gloss. Not only improves the visual goodwill of the product
- 2020-07-13-

At present, most of the domestic production of precipitated barium sulfate is produced by the chemical precipitation method, which is produced through processes such as calcination, reaction, precipitation, and purification. Because of its unique physical properties, its products are widely used in coatings, paints, plastic boxes and rubber. Its main characteristics are: high whiteness, high purity, uniform fineness, and the finished products have high whiteness and cover Power, high gloss. It not only improves the visual goodwill of the product, but also makes the quality of the product a qualitative leap.

High-gloss precipitated barium sulfate is reflected in its application in products. For paint, the gloss of the paint is the first issue considered by many paint manufacturers. Because of the high whiteness and high content of precipitated barium sulfate, this product, as a coating industry with a large filling volume, can not only improve its use in the product, but the high gloss is due to the relatively high fineness and flow of the product. It is flat and makes the product high gloss. Under the premise of continuously exploring the embodiment of its quality advantages and capabilities, it should enhance the practical effects of its overall development with the development of its superior capabilities, and through the integration of products, it can quickly reflect the development of product practical basic capabilities and fully enhance the product practicality. Continuous improvement of the foundation. Product quality has improved and product costs have been reduced.