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The performance and application of barium sulfate
- 2020-10-20-

The performance and application of barium sulfate

Barium sulfate can reach a filling rate of 80% of its weight. It can effectively isolate noise and noise when used in drains, speakers, and speakers. It can increase the weight when used in window cloth. It can provide high gloss, good color and resist scratches. The benefits such as good performance and standard stability. Barium sulfate itself is a harmless and lazy substance. Normally, the barium meal that people eat under gastroscope is the same type of substance used. Because it is insoluble in water and lipids, it will not be absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa. Basic endowment. At the same time, it is widely used in the paint production industry. The reason why car paint is brighter is also manifested by barium sulfate. Now barium sulfate is produced in particles, and it is used in film blowing to create greater value. Barium sulfate is not only harmless, but also contains the following functions: high transparency, transparency is much higher than traditional filling, in the field of transparency, the impact is relatively small, the gloss is better than for example, not because of the occurrence of wax, but It is determined by the physical properties of barium sulfate itself.

Because of its own good light reflectivity and good dispersion, it increases the extrusion volume per unit time and the output power of the protective film. In terms of mechanics, the addition of barium sulfate does not only affect the horizontal force and the longitudinal tension, On the contrary, it can be used for mechanical functions. For example, a plastic bag can hold ten kilograms. After adding barium sulfate, it can hold 11-12 kilograms. The cost is because compared with the raw materials, there is still a certain price difference in between. It is non-corrosive. , Does not damage the screw and die. When we increase barium sulfate, the high pressure is between 150-170 degrees, and it is recommended to increase by 5%-10%. The transparency is relatively high. The low pressure is between 150-200 degrees, and the low pressure is recommended to increase by 15%-20%. It depends on the quality of the film. So everything has its extreme point. The physical function of barium sulfate appears in a parabolic way. There is a high point. The increase in blown film is generally 30%-35%, and it has reached the extreme point. At this point, the functions of all aspects will decrease, which will affect the quality of the film.