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Why the price of barium sulfate is relatively stable
- 2020-09-07-

Why the price of barium sulfate is relatively stable

In recent years, the price of barium sulfate in my country has been relatively stable, and there is no significant upward trend. The following editor will share with you why the price of barium sulfate is relatively stable:

1. From the perspective of the source of production raw materials, the output of barite products in my country occupies an important position in the world, indicating that we have certain resource advantages in the future competition in the barium sulfate market. However, because the production technology is not good enough, if we want to make better use of this advantage to improve the quality and price of barium sulfate, our country's technology and scientific research personnel need to continue their efforts.

2. The improvement of the macro environment and the rapid and stable development of related industries have greatly promoted market demand. This may lead to the rapid development of the domestic barium sulfate industry.

3. From the perspective of production technology, the variety structure and grades of barium sulfate production in my country are relatively low, which limits the development and expansion of barium sulfate production enterprises in my country to a large extent, so the production cost is high, and the added value is very low. .

Based on the above three points:

In recent years, the domestic market price of barium sulfate has been stable, and there is little room for price increase. In the next few years, there will be no big changes, especially for Chinese barium sulfate manufacturers, the profit margin is limited. It can be seen that improving our barium sulfate production technology is the main task we are facing now. Only in this way can we increase the added value of our products, thereby increasing the price of barium sulfate products, which is a more full advantage of our country’s barite reserves. Play.