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What are the thermal stability and good dispersibility of barium sulfate
- 2020-09-15-

What are the thermal stability and good dispersibility of barium sulfate

Barium sulfate filler masterbatch (other name: barite powder) is a high-concentration, high-whiteness ultra-fine barium sulfate activated by surface treatment with polyolefin polymer (PEorPP) as a carrier through finishing.

The specific effect is to improve the acid and alkali resistance of the product, which can be used for sports shoes and other products; it can improve the net weight and feel, and can be used for plastic speaker shells. It has unparalleled thermal stability, good dispersibility, and significantly reduces processing costs.

Barium sulfate as a spacer for titanium dioxide and pigments in plastics can reduce the addition of pigments and save about 10% of the cost. Applying barium sulfate (about 25%) to PP can make the surface of PP look like ABS without harming the existing characteristics of PP, ensuring a high gloss and high toughness surface.

Barium sulfate can reach 80% of its net weight. It can be used in drainage pipes, speakers, and speakers to reasonably block noise and noise. When used in curtains, it can increase the net weight. It can ensure high gloss, good color and scratch resistance. , Good size stability and other characteristics.

Barium sulfate itself is a non-toxic and harmless inert compound. The barium meal we eat under gastroscopy is the same type of compound used, because it is insoluble in water and lipids, so it is not easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa. The human body is basically non-toxic. In addition, it is commonly used in coatings. For example, the brighter car paint is also the main effect of barium sulfate. Now our factory manufactures barium sulfate in the form of particles, and uses it in blown film to create more Great market value.

Barium sulfate is not only non-toxic and harmless, but also contains the following functions: 1. High transparency, transparency is much higher than traditional filling, in terms of transparency, the hazard is relatively small, and the gloss is better than for example, not due to wax It is produced, but the physical properties of barium sulfate itself are determined, because it has excellent light reflectivity, and the dispersibility is also very good. 2. Increase the extrusion volume per unit time and increase the productivity of the protective film 3. On the one hand, the addition of barium sulfate not only does not harm the horizontal force and the longitudinal tension, but can improve the physical properties.For example, a plastic bag can hold ten kilograms, and after adding barium sulfate, it can hold a net weight of 11 to 12 kilograms.4, reducing the cost. Compared with the raw materials, there is still a certain price difference. 5. Non-corrosive, does not damage the screw and die.

When we add barium sulfate, the high pressure is between 150 and 170 degrees. It is recommended to add 5% to 10%. The transparency is relatively high. The low pressure is between 150 and 200 degrees. The low pressure is recommended to add 15% to 20%. It is still in actual operation. It depends on the quality standard of the film. Therefore, everything has its extreme point. The physical properties of barium sulfate are presented in the form of a parabola, with a high point. The amount added to the blown film is generally 30% to 35%, and E has reached the apex and exceeded At this point, the performance parameters of all aspects will decrease, which will endanger the quality of the film.