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Barium sulfate manufacturers introduce which industries will use precipitated barium sulfate
- 2020-09-27-

Barium sulfate manufacturers introduce which industries will use precipitated barium sulfate

The precipitated barium sulfate has a high melting point, a large refractive index, and a whiter color. It has a certain covering effect. It is not easily soluble in water, ethanol and acids, but is soluble in hot sulfuric acid. The undulating mixed crystal is composed of potassium manganate, calcium carbonate or nitrate metal. Carbon can be reduced to barium sulfide at high temperatures. This chemical property makes it an important basic chemical raw material.

Barium sulfate fillers are widely used in industrial production and often have certain uses. It has the same function as the barium sulfate used in radiation protection engineering, which is radiation protection. How is anti-radiation barium sulfate generally used in radiation protection projects? Anti-radiation barium sulfate is commonly used for internal wall protection, which can effectively shield X-rays and Y-rays and prevent radiation leakage.

The application of barium sulfate precipitation was discussed.

1. Printing ink filling, with anti-aging, anti-exposure, enhanced adhesion, clear color, bright, non-fading and other effects.

2. In the fields of tire rubber, insulation rubber, rubber sheet, tape, engineering plastics, etc., it can enhance the anti-aging performance and weather resistance of the product, the product is not easy to age and become brittle, and it can significantly improve its surface.

3. As the main filler of powder coating, adjusting the bulk density of powder is the main way to increase the powder rate of powder coating.

4. Papermaking materials, refractory materials, X-ray protection materials, battery cathode materials, etc. Homogeneous materials have unique properties and are an indispensable part of related materials.

5. Ceramics, glass raw materials, special resin grabbing materials: barium sulfate with a specific particle size distribution is obtained by precipitation, and it is compounded with titanium dioxide, which has a synergistic effect on titanium dioxide, thereby reducing its consumption.

Precipitated barium sulfate, also known as industrial sulfuric acid or barium precipitation. Different from heavy barium, barium precipitation agent is almost free of impurities and is made by artificial processing. This is slightly soluble in water but hardly soluble in acid. The product is non-toxic and contains soluble barium, which can cause human poisoning. In industrial production, it is mainly obtained by the reaction of barium sulfate with sulfuric acid, the reaction of barium chloride with sulfuric acid or sodium sulfate, and the reaction of barium sulfide with sodium sulfate. Precipitated barium sulfate is used in pharmaceuticals, mid-range coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics and other fillers due to its special stability index. Generally, it is divided into coating grade precipitated barium sulfate and plastic grade according to its different uses. Precipitated barium sulfate, etc., have a relatively large price ratio.