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4 common knowledge sharing of transparent masterbatch
- 2020-07-27-

4 common knowledge sharing of transparent masterbatch

Q: How can we produce transparent pipes with higher transparency using PVC transparent pellets?

A: Anti-reflection agent can be used, the temperature should not be too low, the compression ratio should be fast, and the cooling should be fast.

Q: What is the future development of plastic products and pp transparent masterbatch?

A: PP transparent masterbatch is a processing modifier used to change the crystallinity of incompletely crystalline polymer resins and accelerate its crystallization speed. PP transparent masterbatch promotes the crystallization of the resin by providing crystal nuclei, which makes the structure of the crystal grains finer, thereby improving the rigidity, heat distortion temperature, dimensional stability, transparency and surface gloss of the product. In addition, PP transparent masterbatch can shorten the product molding cycle, expand processing conditions, and enhance the smoothness of the product surface. China is not only a big country in the world's petrochemical production and consumption, but also a market with faster, faster and more potential growth in the consumption of petrochemical products in the world. The future of the world's petrochemical industry lies in China, and the larger market for plastics lies in China.

Q: What is the reason why the transparent masterbatch is white and has no sense of transparency?

A: It is generally due to powder, and the addition of filler masterbatch additives is inappropriate, and the addition ratio needs to be readjusted.

Q: What are the characteristics of transparent filling masterbatch?

A: Compared with ordinary filler masterbatch, transparent filler masterbatch has the big feature that it is added to PP and PE and has little effect on its transparency. It can be widely used in films, sheets, pipes, containers and other fields. If it is used in PE film, the appropriate amount of addition can improve the transparency of HDPE film, and has almost no effect on the transparency of LDPE film. At the same time, it has good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are unmatched by existing ordinary filler masterbatches. The emergence of this kind of filler masterbatch will have a greater impact on plastic filling and its downstream applications.