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How much do you know about barium sulfate?
- 2020-07-20-

How much do you know about barium sulfate?

Barium sulfate: also known as barite powder, chemical composition is BaSO4, the crystal belongs to the orthorhombic (orthogonal) crystal system sulfate mineral. It is often thick plate-like or columnar crystals, mostly dense block or plate-like, granular aggregates. When it is pure, it is colorless and transparent, and when it contains impurities, it is dyed into various colors, with white streaks, glass luster, and transparent to translucent. With 3 directions of complete and medium cleavage, Mohs hardness 3~3.5, specific gravity 4.5.

Barium sulfate is roughly divided into four types: precipitated barium sulfate, modified precipitated barium sulfate, nano-barium precipitated barium sulfate, and natural barium. Glauber's salt method is the standard precipitated barium, and the sulfuric acid method is modified barium. Glauber's salt method is to convert natural barite ore with coal into barium sulfide, and then react with Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate) to precipitate barium sulfate and by-product sodium sulfide. The sulfuric acid method converts barium sulfide to carbon dioxide into barium carbonate, and then reacts with pure sulfuric acid to produce precipitated barium sulfate. From the above barium sulfate production process, it can be seen that the free barium, odor (residual sulfide ion), impurities, black spots and whiteness of barium sulfate precipitated by sulfuric acid method are several steps higher than that of Glauber's salt method, and have stronger The affinity and anti-ray performance. Of course, the cost is much higher, so it is currently expensive modified precipitated barium sulfate on the market. Nano-precipitated barium sulfate is modified by deep processing of precipitated barium sulfate to control its D50 (median particle size distribution) between 0.2μm and 0.4μm. Because of its high processing requirements, there are currently few production of nano-scale precipitated barium sulfate in my country. , The price is also high. Natural barium sulfate is also called barite powder, physical barium, and heavy barium. It is made by people choosing natural barium sulfate ore (barite) after cleaning, polishing, and drying. There are many impurities, and the quality is mainly determined by the mine itself.