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Superior performance of transparent filling masterbatch
- 2020-06-28-

Superior performance of transparent filling masterbatch

Regarding the detailed advantages of transparent filler masterbatch, these are unmatched by existing general filler masterbatch. It can be predicted that the appearance of this filling masterbatch will have a greater impact on plastic filling and its application fields.

The transparent filler masterbatch is compared with the general filler masterbatch. Its characteristic is that it is added to various PP and PE products. It has very little effect on its transparency and does not affect the tear strength and stretch rate of the film. PP opening agent masterbatch Material company, together with a good surface finish and balanced mechanical functions. When used in PE film, an appropriate increase can improve the transparency of HDPE film, and has no effect on the transparency of LDPE film.

Transparent filling masterbatch is a kind of high-efficiency multi-element blending filling material, filling in polyethylene and polypropylene does not affect the transparency of the product, and the surface brightness, rigidity, heat deformation temperature, and creep resistance of the product have improved, and improved together And to shorten the production cycle of products, the plastic opening agent master batch company saves the amount of resin and reduces the production cost.