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Plastic filler masterbatch can provide effective help for which plastic production
- 2020-05-31-

Plastic filler masterbatch is very important in the process of plastic product processing and production, and it can be said that it is the basis of plastic product production. It has many characteristics that can make plastic products better and more stable perform their performance and can meet many production needs. Specifically, a practical plastic filler masterbatch can meet the following needs in the production process: What production needs can plastic filler masterbatch meet?

1. Demand for auxiliary product forming

Plastic filler masterbatch is the main filler additive material for the production of plastic products. By adjusting the different component ratios of fillers, it can meet different product production requirements and the performance distribution of molded products, and to meet the basic needs of auxiliary plastic product molding.

2. Wide range of product application requirements

The wide range of applications of plastic filler masterbatch is amazing. For example, textile bags that started to use fillers earlier to plastic shopping bags that gradually emerged later, as well as impermeable membranes, geomembranes, and even cast films used in the production of daily necessities such as raincoats and sanitary napkins that are necessary in engineering production , Also including hollow products, injection products, etc., in the production process, plastic fillers with different properties and shapes are required.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving production demand

The raw materials that constitute the plastic filler are olefin resin and non-metallic mineral powder. They are all low-carbon environmentally friendly materials that can reduce plastic pollution from the source, and ensure that they are non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause any harm to the health of users. Impact. Because the process of plastic fillers is not complicated and can help realize production automation and improve production labor efficiency, it can also meet the needs of energy-saving production. In addition, a reasonable plastic filler production F ratio can make the product more durable and can also Meet the needs of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection.