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The requirements that the filler masterbatch should meet in the production process
- 2020-04-27-

The requirements that the filler masterbatch should meet in the production process

Filler masterbatch is widely used in plastics. It is important to know the plastics that can be used for filler masterbatch. The manufacturer of filler masterbatch realizes production automation, improves labor efficiency, and meets the needs of energy-saving production. Today, Hongjiang filler masterbatch discusses the production requirements that the masterbatch must meet in the production process.

1. Auxiliary product molding requirements

Plastic filler masterbatch is the main filler and additive for the production of plastic products. By adjusting the different distribution ratios of fillers, and then meeting different product production requirements and molding product performance, the basic needs of plastic product molding can be met.

2. Wide range of product application requirements

Masterbatches filled with plastic are widely used. For example, we used textile bags with fillers from the beginning, and gradually expanded plastic shopping bags, as well as daily necessities such as barrier films, geomembranes and even raincoats used in daily production. Films also include hollow products, injection products, etc., and plastic fillers with different shapes and shapes are required in the production process.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving production demand

The raw materials that make up the plastic filler are olefin resin and non-metallic mineral powder. This is a low-carbon environmentally friendly material that can reduce plastic pollution of raw materials. It is non-toxic, harmless and will not adversely affect health.