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Application of ultrafine barium sulfate in coating industry
- 2020-03-30-

Application of ultrafine barium sulfate in coating industry

1Used as extender pigment filler

Many performance indicators of ultrafine barium sulfate (such as specific gravity, whiteness, oil absorption, refractive index, particle size, etc.) are close to titanium white, and have good dispersibility and suitable particle size distribution range. In order to make titanium white effective Its covering performance, adding an appropriate amount of ultrafine barium sulfate to the titanium dioxide can control the distance between the titanium dioxide particles and prevent optical flocculation, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the amount of titanium dioxide without affecting the hiding power of the product, and the gloss of the finished product , Weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other indicators have been improved.

2 Application in primer

Ultra-fine barium sulfate is larger than the surface of Fructus Aurantii and has a better particle size distribution range. It only needs less binder to make the product have better applicability and rheology. Used in automobile primer, even if more ultrafine barium sulfate is added, a smooth and dense coating can be obtained.

3 Application in top coat

Ultrafine barium sulfate is an inert filler with good weather resistance. It is used as a filler for topcoats, and can play a long-term protective role even if it is exposed to the infringed environment. Because the product has the characteristics of good gloss and small particle size, it can improve the fluidity, surface smoothness, hardness and color stability of the paint.

4 Application in emulsion paint

Due to the excellent properties of ultra-fine barium sulfate, it can be used for high gloss and mercerizing paint and "anti-acid" emulsion paint. The paint can play an anti-corrosion effect even when exposed to the atmosphere of industrial areas.

5 Application in woodware and decorative paint

Ultra-fine barium sulfate has the characteristics of small particle size and low light absorption, and is especially suitable for surface paint, varnish and natural paint liquid filler for wood decoration. The products produced are used for wood decoration, with good gloss, chemical corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

6 Application in powder coatings

Superfine barium sulfate has the characteristics of large filling volume, good brightness, good leveling, strong gloss retention and good compatibility with all pigments. It is an ideal filler for powder coatings.