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Recommended by barium sulfate sand manufacturers
- 2020-03-16-

Recommended by barium sulfate sand manufacturers

1. Substrate processing

1. Necessity of substrate treatment: the surface of the building to be decorated is all porous cementitious walls. The drying speed of the wall depends on the climate, temperature, humidity, the type of material and the water retention, and the degree of density and many other factors. , Will determine the painting condition of the wall surface. The knowledge of the effect of barium sulfate sand has a serious impact on the wall painting. The possible reason is that the soluble salts in the wall, such as barium sulfate, have a serious impact on the coating film, which will cause the coating film to peel off, sink, fade, and bloom. And many other phenomena. At the same time, the porous wall is also due to the siphon effect of the capillary holes, and the corrosive gas and water from the outside will penetrate into it, corrode the metal components in the building, and affect the performance of the building. Therefore, the substrate treatment Become a very critical step. To prevent the occurrence of similar situations, the corresponding substrate processing products can be used to solve such problems.

2. Recommended process for substrate treatment:

(1) Clear the bottom: After the wall is plastered and cured for 2-3 weeks, the moisture content is below 10%, and the PH value is below 10. Clean up surface particles and loose attachments; small holes, depressions and gaps on the surface are filled with cement putty.

(2) Primer: You can choose building material coatings such as Gongxiang cement paint, barium sulfate sand, and other building materials.

Second, paint

1. Primer: remove the wall dirt, use sandpaper to polish the putty to fill up the defects, roll or spray the primer. Wait until the base coat is completely dry before starting the top coat.

2. Top coat: Stir the top coat thoroughly, add an appropriate amount of water (generally no more than 10%) according to the construction needs, dilute and start to paint; after the paint is finished, wait until it is completely hard and dry (at least 2 hours) ; Start painting a second time. During the painting process, pay attention to any leaks or uneven ground points to repaint at any time.

3. Matters needing attention:

A. The wall should be dry before painting, and the new wall should be more than 21 days of curing period for the cement to mature.

B. The construction weather condition is that the relative temperature is not more than 85%, and the knowledge of the role of barium sulfate sand is not less than 5℃ for two hours before the paint is completed.

Protective coating:

The powder is a new type of powder coating without 100% solids. It has the characteristics of solvent-free, pollution-free, recyclable, environmentally friendly, energy and resource saving, labor intensity reduction and high mechanical strength.