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The special filler masterbatch for mask nose strip has good compatibility and prevents rebound
- 2020-03-09-

Due to the impact of the epidemic in 2020, masks have become a product needed that year, and they have also become an indispensable item for citizens to travel. The nose bridge of the mask has gradually entered people’s field of vision. The nose bridge is a thin piece used in the mask. The adhesive strip serves to fix the mask on the bridge of the nose. Therefore, the bridge of the nose is also known as the all-plastic bridge of the nose. Like a metal wire, it has the excellent performance of bending and deforming with the action of external force, losing the action of external force and not rebounding, and keeping the existing shape unchanged. It can be melted similarly to the non-woven material and acts as a mask to fix the nose bridge.

Most of the mask nose strips on the market are made of Formosa Plastics 9001 as raw materials, because this material is medical-grade raw materials. Therefore, under the premise of reducing costs and ensuring product quality, many companies think of using special filler masterbatch, because the production process of air nose bridge strips is an extrusion process, and many manufacturers are not necessarily to reduce costs, mainly for product size stability It prevents the product from rebounding, but does not reduce the toughness of the product. Some manufacturers add ordinary filler masterbatch, which will affect the performance of the product, causing the nose bridge with filler masterbatch to break. Many customers find Kaijie on the Internet. To solve this problem, the technical department of QIAGEN has developed a new type of functional masterbatch specifically for the nose bridge. It has good compatibility and good dispersion. It has a very obvious improvement in the brightness, gloss and feel of the nose bridge. The product size is stable and does not rebound, and Increasing the hardness of the nose bridge has no effect on other properties of the product.