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What is the process of chemical purification of precipitated barium sulfate?
- 2020-01-19-

What is the process of chemical purification of precipitated barium sulfate?

Through this period of understanding, I believe that everyone is no stranger to precipitated barium sulfate, but these contents are not enough for customers who want to know more about this product. Today, the editor will share the knowledge about the purification of precipitated barium sulfate with you, hoping to attract everyone's attention and let everyone have a deep understanding of precipitated barium sulfate. In this way, everyone can know what to do when buying and using precipitated barium sulfate, and do not panic. I hope to inspire and help everyone.

1. Flotation purification

The traditional gravity separation process is difficult to separate effectively. It is divided into three types: negative ion collectors based mainly on chemical adsorption; main cation collectors based on physical adsorption; including collectors between them. The separation process of precipitated barium sulfate and fluorite suppresses the flotation of fluorite produced by barium sulfate, and the other is to inhibit the flotation of barium sulfate in fluorite.

2. Firing and refining

The firing process of the mineral is characterized by thermal dissociation of the pure mineral or crystal conversion to the mineral itself. These impurities, due to the impurities in the barium sulfate mineral mixed in the formation of the bed, become precipitated barium sulfate, green and blue barium sulfate, which affect the purity and whiteness of barium sulfate and significantly reduce the use value of barium sulfate.

3. Extract and refine

Their secondary methods for eliminating the redness of the barium sulfate concentrate and the future use of the impurities are acid leaching, oxidation restoration and inorganic acid complexation. Exudation pollution is mainly used to remove carbon and color impurities in barium sulfate.