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What effect does precipitated barium sulfate have on plastics?
- 2019-12-23-

Precipitated barium sulfate is often used in the field of chemistry now, and we often see plastics in our daily lives. So what influence do these two substances have on each other? Let's take a look.

1. Generally speaking, fillers are cheaper than resins. Adding fillers will greatly reduce the cost of plastics. This is also the main reason why plastic filling changes are widely used.

2. Improve the heat resistance of plastics. Generally, the long-term application temperature such as ABS is about 60°C, and most fillers are inorganic materials with high heat resistance. Therefore, in addition to plastic speculation, these fillings can greatly improve the heat resistance of precipitated barium sulfate plastics. For example, when PP is not filled, the heat distortion temperature is about 110°C, and when 30% of TALC powder is filled, the heat distortion temperature can increase to 130°C or more.

3. The improved superfine precipitated barium sulfate, high-gloss barium sulfate and other settled barium sulfate can be used to manufacture high-quality plastic films, without affecting its transparency, its toughness does not increase, thereby reducing costs.

4. The molecular compound plastic products supplemented by precipitated barium sulfate can delay the aging of molecular compound plastic products and reduce the content of harmful things in molecular compound plastic products.

The above is the main content of the effect of precipitated barium sulfate on plastics, I hope it can be helpful to you.