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What is the relationship between the precipitated barium sulfate manufacturer and the resin material?
- 2019-12-30-

High-purity barium sulfate improves the physical properties of resin materials. Adding 2% to 5% of nanotechnology additives to resin materials is a new method to improve the physical properties of resin materials.Precipitated barium sulfate manufacturersAdding high-purity nano-barium sulfate can improve the physical properties of the resin material, increase the spatial strength and reliability of the material, and increase the resistance and conductivity of the material.

Using advanced purification technology and advanced international production technology, select high-purity recrystallized, high-purity nanotechnology products of high-purity raw materials. It saves energy and is environmentally friendly, in line with the high quality of major international brands, and mainly develops products. After a single post-treatment process, the particles are uniform and small, with good fluidity, and different proportions of nano sulfate are added. The manufacturer of precipitated barium sulfate tells you that high-purity barium not only improves the brightness of the product, but also improves the strength, casting rigidity, and light transmission of the product.

High-purity nano-composite barium sulfate, because of its low production cost, is a new type of nano-composite additive widely used in plastic nano-composites. High-purity barium sodium sulfate requires surface chemical modification. It has good dispersibility and can obtain great bonding performance with resin materials.

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