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What types of barium sulfate are commonly used in the industry?
- 2019-12-09-

What types of barium sulfate are commonly used in the industry?

1. Heavy barium, also known as barite powder or natural barium powder. It is made by people choosing natural barium sulfate ore (barite) after cleaning, grinding, drying and other processes. It has many impurities and the quality is mainly determined by the ore itself, but its price is low, and it is usually used in white pigment production or low-grade As a filler in the coating, plastic, and ink industries.

2. Precipitated barium sulfate, also known as industrial barium sulfate or barium precipitation. Precipitated barium sulfate manufacturers are made by artificial processing. Unlike heavy barium, barium precipitation contains almost no impurities. It is slightly soluble in water and insoluble in acid. It is not toxic, but if it contains soluble barium, it can cause poisoning. Precipitated barium sulfate in industry is mainly produced by the reaction of barium sulfate and sulfuric acid, the reaction of barium chloride with sulfuric acid or sodium sulfate, and the reaction of barium sulfide with sodium sulfate. Precipitated barium sulfate is used as a filler in the fields of medicine, medium and high coatings, inks, plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, etc. because of its stability due to different specific indicators. People are usually divided into coating grade precipitated barium sulfate according to different applications. , Plastic grade precipitated barium sulfate, etc., which are more expensive than heavy barium.

Synthetic barium sulfate

3. Modified barium sulfate is divided into modified barium sulfate and modified precipitated barium sulfate. It is to enhance the performance of barite powder or precipitated barium sulfate through related treatments. The application is similar to precipitation. It still depends on its related properties. Among them, the high-gloss barium sulfate that has been further processed and refined is also called modified ultrafine barium sulfate or modified ultrafine precipitated barium sulfate. The price is higher than that of precipitated barium sulfate.

4. Nano-scale precipitated barium sulfate is the modified precipitated barium sulfate through deep processing, so that its D50 (median particle size distribution) is controlled between 0.2μm-0.4μm, because of its high processing requirements, my country can currently produce There are fewer manufacturers of nano-precipitated barium sulfate, and its price is relatively high. Nano-precipitated barium sulfate is mainly used in paints, coatings and other industries.