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How is precipitated barium sulfate used in PVC pipes?
- 2019-12-02-

Deposited barium sulfate powder has the characteristics of cheap price, non-toxicity, poor taste, simple coloring, simple coloring, and stable chemical function. It is one of the manufacturers who can not produce PVC pipes. Because the rubber industry is developing fast, the plastics industry is starting slowly. Technology in the plastics industry usually comes from the chemical industry. For PVC pipe packaging, please refer to the professional experience of rubber, and directly use barium sulfate. So far, many PVC pipe manufacturers have used barium sulfate as a filler.

1. This is cheaper than resin. By adding fillers, the cost of plastics is greatly reduced, and the economic effect is significant. This is also the main reason for the modification of plastic packaging.

2. General plastics have low heat resistance. For example, ABS, the long-term use temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, many subsidies are inorganic materials and have high heat resistance. These subsidies will strengthen plasticity after plasticity. In addition, when the thermal deformation temperature is above 110 ° C, the thermal deformation temperature can reach 130 ° C after filling with 30% slip powder.

3. Simultaneous increase of profit, no response to clarity, and patience can be advanced. By using microfabrication techniques such as deposited barium sulfate and nano-deposited barium sulfate, it is possible to create a plastic film of superior quality.

4. The filling of plastic products of plastic products does not help the deterioration of plastic products and the increase of the toxicity of plastic products.

In addition, the application value of deposited barium sulfate is greater. Of course, for plastics manufacturers, there is a constant need to acknowledge whether depositing barium sulfate is suitable for that product. However, this ever-changing mall is facing best efforts to try out new materials and reduce production costs.