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Transparent filling masterbatch can effectively reduce production costs
- 2019-11-26-

The Tongming filled masterbatch granulator has a lot of application space. It is characterized by reducing the pollution and loss of the workshop caused by rubber additives when mixing with raw rubber. Therefore, the energy-saving and environmental-friendly masterbatch granulator is developing a new direction, which can effectively improve the working environment of the employees inside the workshop, and reduce the impact of powdery additives on the layout of the formula, reduce the mixing time of rubber, and then be useful. Reduced product costs.

In order to make the additives, which only account for a few thousandths of the total amount of the resin, evenly distributed in the resin, try to mix the resin with various additives as much as possible, and then mix with the filler to granulate. Recycled polystyrene is widely used in the manufacturing process of synthetic leather. Even if the compatibility between the carrier resin and the matrix resin is not good, the impact of the carrier resin on the performance of plastic products is much smaller than that of the filler, which can bring considerable economic benefits.

Brightly filled masterbatch can effectively reduce production costs

In theory, random polypropylene is good, because of its low melting point, good melt fluidity, and good dispersibility. However, specific to China's national conditions, it is more appropriate to choose powdery polypropylene synthesized by liquid bulk method. Because of its low price, it is powdery and can be easily mixed with inorganic fillers, even in the hopper. Floor. Polypropylene is used as the carrier. Due to the poor thermal stability of polypropylene, it is necessary to participate in antioxidants and lubricants at the same time.

The screw of the Tongming filled masterbatch granulator is planned and manufactured using the building block principle. According to the requirements of the processing material system and process formula, its length-to-diameter ratio, barrel structure, screw placement, screen changing structure, exhaust quantity and position, feeding method, electrical control method, etc. can be optimized and reasonable equipment. Complete multi-function and multi-purpose to adapt to the processing of polymer materials. Make full use of limited space. Plan the new involute spline structure of the mandrel to ensure the bearing capacity and complete the transmission of high torque. Use the computer-aided planning thread element as the meshing conjugate .