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What should I do if the filler is blocked during the film blowing process?
- 2019-11-19-

Foshan Anyi Nano Material Co., Ltd. is a film manufacturer. It is a film blown with new materials. The color and luster are clean, and the finished product is well stretched. If plastic particles made of recycled waste plastic are usually added with pigments and fillers when making films, the resulting film may be unevenly colored, brittle and easily broken. A good advantage is that it has a price advantage, but After the customer added the filling masterbatch, there was a network blocking phenomenon. It was troublesome to change the network three times in an 8-hour shift. The customer was also afraid of affecting the quality of the product.

In order to reduce the cost and solve the hardness of the film, the customer added a filler masterbatch, using a local filler masterbatch. At the beginning, the performance of the express bag film blown by the customer was still good. The addition ratio was about 20%, but Later in the production process, a problem occurred, that is, the network is blocked and the material is easy to break. It has been filled with the masterbatch manufacturers to communicate and has not been resolved. After knowing this problem, Foshan Anyi Nano Materials Co., Ltd. immediately responded. The customer carefully explained the reasons to the customer, mainly the product's plasticizing effect and deviation in flow performance. It also showed that the limited filling masterbatch of Foshan Anyi Nano Materials was customized according to customer requirements. According to the general requirements of Jiang, technology The department directly customized a better plasticized formula and sent samples to customer samples. The customer samples were significantly improved compared to the previous filling and the product quality was also improved. The addition ratio was 25%, which effectively reduced customers. Cost, the customer is very satisfied, the problem has been resolved, and an order of 10 tons is immediately carried out for the pilot test.