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Nano Barium Sulfate Product Features
- 2019-09-24-

Nano barium sulfate has the advantages of chemical laziness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high specific gravity, high whiteness, and can absorb harmful rays. It is a material with environmental protection functions, so it is widely used in various coatings. , Inks, pharmaceutical synthetic chemicals, rubber, paper, ceramics, cosmetics and other fields.

Nano Barium Sulfate Product Features

◇ Narrow particle size distribution, small specific surface area and base material consumption, high gloss can be obtained.

◇ Highly lazy chemical, acid and alkali resistant, with outstanding sun resistance and weather resistance.

◇ High thermal conductivity and rheology, shorten the cycle of data molding.

◇ Add the crystallinity of crystallization data to improve the strength of the product (especially the impact strength at low temperature) and a little stability.

◇ For films, when the filling amount is not higher than 10%, it does not affect the transparency at all.

◇ Easy dispersibility, it plays the role of pigment dispersant in color master batch, which can effectively save the amount of pigment in color master batch.

◇ The product has high purity and few impurities, and does not contain some impurities that are harmful to the elastomer. It is especially suitable as an extender for elastomers.

◇ High degree of activation, good compatibility with the matrix, tight combination, and improved abrasion resistance of modified materials, especially rubber products.

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