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Nano Barium Sulfate Functional Masterbatch
- 2019-09-20-

Current situation and development analysis of nano barium sulfate functional masterbatch:

At present, the output value of plastics around the world is about 300 million tons, and the output value of polyethylene and polypropylene is about 150 million tons. Following the development of new shopping malls, it will increase significantly in the future. The primary growth malls are concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region. The output value of China's existing plastic products is about 75 million tons, while polyolefin products are about 35 million tons. The output value of domestic functional masterbatch is about 1.5-200 million tons, during which the output value of nano-barium sulfate functional masterbatch is about 80-100,000 tons, which is mainly used for polyolefin film products. The output value of other masterbatch stores is 80- -About 1 million tons, (45% black master, 20% white masterbatch, 25%, and other 10%).

Analysis of the leading domestic manufacturers and output value of nanometer barium sulfate masterbatch in the meantime, the larger manufacturers concentrated in Guangdong, Shandong and other places.

The plastic film industry has developed to the current stage, and there are fewer and fewer technological innovations. As the industry's price transparency is getting higher and higher, the competition is getting more and more intense, and the profit space for companies is getting smaller and smaller. Generally, the company's gross profit is 10% -15 Around the company, in addition to finding new materials to improve its technology and quality, reducing costs is also the top priority of every plastic film company.

The nano-Bright Luminescent Barium Sulfate Masterbatches currently produced are exactly the filling and modification assistants required by various plastic companies at this stage. Due to the high transparency and good gloss of the Nano-Barium Sulfate Masterbatch, the mechanical properties and stability of the product can be improved. Well, adding nano-barium sulfate masterbatch for masterbatch can not only reduce costs, but also save petrochemical energy, and play a green environmental protection effect. The price of blown film-grade plastic polyethylene is generally around 9,000-12,000 yuan per ton. An increase of 10% can improve the net profit for customers by 3-5%. It is more attractive. Compared with calcium carbonate and talc powder, Said that it will not affect the quality and has a relatively large quality advantage.