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Advantages and disadvantages of nano barium sulfate master batch
- 2019-09-20-

Advantages and disadvantages of nano barium sulfate master batch:

To understand the performance of functional filler masterbatches, I think we can start with the properties of various powders. The main types are ultrafine calcium sulfate, heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, talc, and nano-modified deposited barium sulfate.

1.1. Calcium carbonate properties: Most of calcium carbonate and talc powder are mechanically milled for grinding and refining. The finer the particle size of this processing method, the greater the mechanical wear, and almost all mechanical wear. The ingredients are all mixed in the powder product. Throughout the impact grinding, wind-sweeping grinding, vertical grinding, and rolling grinding, the production limit diameter D50 is about 2um. The particles are generally irregular in shape, not resistant to acid, and uneven in size.

Filling masterbatch with calcium carbonate from heavy calcium carbonate is generally cheap and easy to produce and process. Defects in use are poor gloss, poor tension, yellowish, grayish appearance, and poor product appearance. Product advantages have increased in twist strength and impact, and the cost is low.

1.2. Properties of talcum powder: The general shape of the particles is irregular flakes, resistant to acid and alkali, and uneven in size. The price is moderate and it is not easy to produce and process.

The defects of using talc powder to fill the masterbatch with talc powder are poor gloss, poor tensile force, and poor impact. The hue is obviously yellowish green, dark, and the product is inferior. Product advantages have greatly improved the strength of the twists and turns, the transparency is good, and the cost is moderate.

1.3. Properties of nano-deposited barium sulfate: Nano-deposited barium sulfate is a nano-scale particle size material composed of BaCO3 + H2SO4 liquid. Its particle size can be controlled to a scale of 30 ~ 200 nanometers, providing more usability Reliable protection. The particles are generally spherical in shape, resistant to acid and alkali, and uniformly dispersed in size. The price is high, it is not easy to produce and process, and the dispersion control is high. The use of nano-barium sulfate functional masterbatch, which occurs by nano-modified deposition of barium sulfate, has serious defects in use, and the cost is slightly higher. The advantages of the product are good transparency, great improvement in tensile strength, good gloss, good product appearance, and high-end products.