Is barium sulfate an electrolyte
- 2020-12-25-

Barium sulfate is an electrolyte solution. After it dissolves water, conductivity will appear. The main use of barium sulfate in daily life is more widespread, especially at the level of diagnosis and treatment. For example, it is X-ray A widely used contrast agent has a very good inspection effect for the digestive system. In addition, it can give full play to a very good diagnosis effect for ulcers, appendicitis and sparganosis infections.

Barium sulfate is a kind of compound. Its main purpose in medicine is more important. It is often used as a contrast agent for x-ray examination. According to different proportions of suspension, it can be used independently and can be used with low-density vapors. It can be used to confirm the diagnosis together, and then achieve the actual effect of two-way radiography. It can fully exert a very good effect on the digestive system. In addition, it also has a very good actual effect on diagnosis of ulcerative and sparganosis infections.

It is a high-density gastrointestinal contrast agent that can be used as a suspension with different proportions, but it is generally used together with a low-density vapor to achieve the purpose of two-way imaging. It is common in gastrointestinal angiography. According to reports by Chinese users, barium sulfate with uneven size is better than fine and uniform barium sulfate. The scope of application is for upper and lower gastrointestinal radiography. Due to the different preparations and specifications, please read the drug label carefully or follow the doctor's advice. The side effects are generally not reflected, and occasionally have difficulty in defecation (in order to avoid constipation, enough drinking water should be taken after the examination, and if necessary, take a relief medicine or use Kaisailu).

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