How much do you know about the dispersibility of precipitated barium sulfate
- 2021-01-20-

When producing bright exterior wall paint, it will increase the deposition of barium sulfate. When the product on the left is painted, there are always obvious small particles. Changing to other brands of barium sulfate will extend the dispersion time and change the dispersant. Well, there are many users who encounter the above situation during the process of making paint, so let's take a look at the dispersibility of deposited barium sulfate?

1. Deposited barium sulfate has a certain degree of gathering power. The higher the fineness, the better the gathering ability. After the general paint is ground, the barium sulfate should be well dispersed. 1250 intends that barium sulfate should be no problem.

2. The model and standard manufacturers of deposited barium sulfate are different. For the same product, 2000 mesh deposited barium sulfate and 3000 intended deposited barium sulfate are in the same formula. The effect of 3000 is better than that of 2000 (smaller particles can be seen).

3. Look at whether it is soft particles or crystalline hard particles. Soft particles generally do not disperse in place due to moisture, and hard particles should have too much impurities.

4. After thickening, disperse for a while. At low speed, try to increase the pH when dispersing. Try to deposit barium sulfate after sanding to avoid small particles.

5. It depends on what kind of dispersant the dispersant is. The main reason is that the barium sulfate of a manufacturer has the same problem. As for the powder has impurities and so many, but 2000 mesh 3000 mesh has reached the nano-level fineness, if the powder is Poor humidity will cause flocculation, and the flocculation will not be dispersed in the future. This will happen. The general dispersant cannot disperse particles that are too fine. Natural ones are better than deposited ones, and natural ones do not need to be sanded.

In short, the quality of deposited barium is now varied, and the mineral source, technology, treatment, etc. can all affect the quality. Is the increase in dispersing wetting agent small? If there are particles from another manufacturer, then it is not a problem with barium sulfate. Maybe there is a problem with other materials.

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