The effect of barium sulfate for rubber in rubber products
- 2020-11-11-

Barium sulfate for vulcanized rubber is used as filler and reinforcing agent for rubber and plastic products, polyvinyl chloride epoxy resin is used as filler and weighting agent, surface sizing agent for embossing paper and coated paper, and textile industrial grade desizing agent. As a responding agent, FRP products can eliminate air bubbles and improve gloss. It can be used as a radiation-proof safe diatom mud coating. Barium sulfate for vulcanized rubber is also used in porcelain, pond porcelain, spices, color paste and other fields. It is also a material for the production of other barium salts-electrostatic powder, paint, ship finish, ordnance and weaponry paint, automotive paint, wall finish, and interior wall industrial paint, which can improve the light resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance, The actual effect of electrochemical reactivity and product decoration design improves the impact resistance and compressive strength of the coating. The industrial production of inorganic substances is used as a material for the production of other barium salts such as barium hydroxide, barium carbonate and barium chloride.

Packaging printing-ink filler, can resist aging, sun exposure, improve adhesion, clear color, beautiful color, and no fading. Filler-tire rubber, insulating layer vulcanized rubber, rubber sheet, tape, rubber products, etc., can improve the product's anti-aging function and anti-aging function, not easy to embrittlement, can significantly improve the surface finish, and reduce product manufacturing costs. As the main filler of ultrafine deposited barium sulfate, adjusting the density of powder equipment and increasing the powder filling rate are key ways.

New-style functional materials-paper industry materials (key mud products), fireproof materials, anti-X-ray materials, battery cathode materials, etc. They all mainly show obvious characteristics, which are the key components of raw materials.

Other industries-porcelain, glass materials, special epoxy resin mold materials, the combination of ultra-fine deposited barium sulfate with a common particle size and polyethylene wax can improve the quality and efficiency of polyethylene wax, and then reduce the use of polyethylene wax.