What is the difference between fine barium sulfate and ordinary
- 2020-12-02-

For chemical products, there are many subtle characteristics. Almost every chemical product can be divided into many products according to different grades and models. For barium sulfate, there are many categories. There are ordinary barium sulfate, precipitated barium sulfate and ultrafine barium sulfate, etc. What are the differences between the specific ultrafine barium sulfate and ordinary barium sulfate?

General barium sulfate is used as a raw material or filler for paints, inks, plastics, advertisements, pigments, cosmetics, and storage batteries. Of course, ultrafine barium sulfate manufacturers introduce that for ultrafine barium sulfate, it can achieve 5000 meshes. The fine principle is widely used in powder coatings, paints, marine primers, ordnance paints, automotive paints, latex paints, interior and exterior architectural coatings, which can improve the product's light resistance, weather resistance, chemical and electrochemical corrosion resistance and product decoration effects. Superfine barium sulfate manufacturers introduce that for the basic ultrafine barium sulfate, its decorative effect will be better. Of course, because of its finer fineness, it also has certain advantages in the application process. of.

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