Medical barium sulfate is not white but transparent
- 2020-12-10-

Medical barium sulfate with a particle size in the range of 0.7μm can deflocculate and separate the pigments, thereby reducing the amount of pigments to an extremely low value. In fact, 0.7μm medical barium sulfate has no effect on viscosity in a wide range, so it can be manufactured according to the proportion of medical barium sulfate in the given formula, and it has no effect on gloss. As a result, these medical barium sulfate provide a good opportunity to reduce VOC and reduce the cost of formulation because it replaces more expensive pigments.


For high-solids glossy finishes, medical barium sulfate with a particle size of about 0.7-0.8μm should be used. Using a larger particle grade will affect the gloss of the surface. The grades of smaller particles are affected by the higher specific surface area, so more base materials are used, so high filling ratio and high solid content are almost impossible.

Medical barium sulfate can also reduce the VOC of black paint. The effect here is that the oil absorption and specific surface area of ​​carbon black and medical barium sulfate are quite different. Through deflocculation, the useful effect of carbon black can only be slightly increased, and replacing a lot of carbon black with medical barium sulfate will reduce the total base material demand and viscosity, thereby reducing VOC.

In addition to white or bright color paint, it is worth mentioning that white powdered medical barium sulfate can also be used in pure black paint without affecting the black color. This is related to the refractive index of medical barium sulfate, which is close to the refractive index of commonly used resins, so that the medical barium sulfate incorporated into the system is not white but transparent. Therefore, it will not produce light gray in carbon black coating.

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