What are the application characteristics of ultrafine precipitated barium sulfate in coatings?
- 2020-09-24-

What are the application characteristics of ultrafine precipitated barium sulfate in coatings?

The coating industry is the consumer area of ​​precipitated barium sulfate, accounting for about 60% of the total consumption. It can be used in powder coatings, marine primers, ordnance paints, automotive paints, latex paints, interior and exterior wall architectural coatings, etc.

High-solid paint: 0.7-0.8μm micronized precipitated barium sulfate is used for high-solid gloss finish paint, which can reduce VOC and replace part of the expensive titanium dioxide;

Black paint: White powdery precipitated barium sulfate can also be used in pure black paint without affecting the black color. This is related to the refractive index of precipitated barium sulfate, which is similar to the refractive index of commonly used resins, so it is incorporated into the system's precipitated sulfuric acid Barium is not white but transparent, so it will not produce light gray in carbon black paint.

Solvent-based paint or electrophoretic paint: Precipitated barium sulfate can be used to formulate low-haze, bright, high-gloss topcoat and very low VOC solvent-based paint or electrophoretic paint.

Powder coatings: Due to the special properties of precipitated barium sulfate, low base material requirements and excellent dispersibility, it becomes an indispensable component of powder coatings.

Waterborne coatings: Due to the chemical inertness and negligible solubility of precipitated barium sulfate, it is as suitable for waterborne coatings as conventional coatings.

Conductive coating: The precipitated barium sulfate after inorganic treatment can be used to prepare bright conductive coatings. The conductive properties of the coating are given by inorganic semiconductors, while the other beneficial properties of precipitated barium sulfate remain unchanged.

Automotive coatings: As we all know, precipitated barium sulfate can be used in all coating films of automotive coatings.