The transparency and anti-aging properties of the filler masterbatch are introduced in detail
- 2020-05-09-

The transparency and anti-aging properties of the filler masterbatch are introduced in detail

When you mention polypropylene transparent masterbatch, you may feel very strange, not very familiar. Don’t worry, let’s not get confused. Below, I will briefly introduce the features and applications of this functional masterbatch:

Let me first introduce the features of the product:

1. The product can improve the transparency, flexural modulus, tensile strength and heat distortion temperature of polyolefin;

2. Another feature of this product is that it can improve the surface finish of the product, shorten the molding cycle, and reduce the size change of the molded product.

Secondly, I'm introducing you to the application of the product:

1. This product is mainly used for semi-crystalline resins, especially polypropylene resins, which can improve the transparency and mechanical properties of the resins, increase production efficiency, reduce production costs, and expand the application range of resins.

2. The product can be used in injection molding, blow molding and film extrusion processing.

3. This product is mainly suitable for random copolymerization and homopolymerization polypropylene, but it is not effective for intercalation copolymerization polypropylene. It also has certain effects on polyethylene.

What is anti-aging masterbatch? Generally speaking, it is anti-ultraviolet masterbatch, which is one of the functional masterbatches. Below, I will explain it specifically for you:

Our company has accumulated a large amount of experimental data and experience in plastic anti-aging, and at the same time drawing on foreign high-quality technical support, we have developed a special anti-aging masterbatch for polyolefins and non-polyolefins, which is made of light stabilizers, ultraviolet absorbers, It is compounded with additives such as antioxidants, which fully meets the anti-aging standards of various places and abroad.

It can effectively inhibit or reduce the thermal oxidation and photooxidation reaction speed of plastic macromolecules, significantly improve the heat resistance and light resistance of plastic materials, delay material degradation and aging processes, and extend the service life of plastic products.

The use of plastics is increasing, and the amount of use is increasing year by year. This is because plastics have many advantages. However, plastics are prone to ageing. Unstabilized plastics exposed outdoors have poor stability mainly manifested in loss of gloss, surface cracks, powdering and mechanical ability decline, which limits their scope of application. The main factors that induce plastic aging are light, heat, and oxygen, in addition to the plastic's own structure and processing technology; therefore, it is particularly urgent to effectively solve the aging problem of plastics.

Anti-aging masterbatch is widely used in plastic woven bags, FIBC, artificial turf silk, geotextile, polypropylene fiber, insect net, sunshade net, plastic greenhouse and other outdoor products.

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