Usage breakdown of filler masterbatch
- 2019-12-05-

The use of filler masterbatch is widely used, so it can be used in many places. It is the filler masterbatch that is popular today for plastic additives. What are the broad applications in detail? Let me give you a detailed introduction.

The filling masterbatch is a concentrate made by loading an extraordinary amount of plastic additives in the resin; when making plastic products, you do not need to participate in this kind of plastic additives, but only need to participate in the corresponding master batch. Therefore, the filling masterbatch of plastic additives is popular today.

Filling masterbatch has a wide range of uses. Usually, only a small amount of color masterbatch is blended with uncolored resin during processing to achieve the planned pigment concentration of the colored resin or product. Golden Sunrise produces filler masterbatch and other products. Because the colorants (pigments) used in the color masterbatch are mostly neutral, the pH value of the color masterbatch is between 6.8-7.3.

Because of the presence of masterbatch, it has a great effect on promoting the rapid development of the plastics industry. Its main feature is that it can simplify the production process; the mixing of materials is convenient, and the mixing quality is uniform; it improves the production efficiency and product performance indicators; reduces dust flying and wear on the equipment; reduces the amount of material used for cleaning the screw when the product changes color; extends the material Storage shelf life, etc.