Barium sulfate can be used as a filling material in plastic soles
- 2019-09-25-

As a kind of filler, barium sulfate is widely used in the profession of plastics. Today, we use how to use it in plastic soles as a high-quality sole material.

The problem of barium sulfate as the sole filler is from sports. When the sportsmanship in the Chinese people's mind began to go crazy, foreign sporting goods companies began to improve on sports shoes. Because it is a sports shoe, the development team began to test its outdoor applications, such as sunscreen, abrasion resistance, high temperature and other aspects. Early use of calcium carbonate, no matter from the whiteness of the product made, high temperature function has obvious characteristics. However, in terms of user experience, the product's wear resistance during climbing is not optimistic. The skill development team started a new development, and the choice of fillers was focused on wear resistance. Because sports shoes must be inseparable from sports. How to make Chinese people wear wear-resistant sports shoes, after all, the discussion of superfine barium sulfate helped the technical team to deal with the problem. This is directly related to the characteristics of ultrafine barium sulfate. It has very good moisture resistance, excellent acid resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Can significantly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the product. In this way, the product can be used to fill Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and other sports shoes. After a large number of practices, it is very good in terms of wear resistance and radiation resistance.

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