What is the difference between natural barium sulfate and precipitated barium sulfate?
- 2019-09-25-

Natural barium sulfate is also called barite because it is rich in impurities such as CaCO3. It can be checked with dilute HCl or dilute HNO3. Natural BaSO4 is used to produce coatings or good paper and can be used as a white pigment ZnSO4 + BaS = ZnS.BaSO4]

It can also be used as a material and filler for paints, inks, plastics, and rubbers. It is used in the chemical industry to produce BaCl2 and other barium-containing compounds.

Precipitated barium sulfate is relatively pure.In medicine, it is mainly used as an internal medicine to view the stomach and stomach, and to perform a barium meal perspective.

Precipitated barium sulfate is deposited and is a small amount of several stable salts in sulfates. It is mainly used as an intensifying agent for oil and natural gas drilling muds. It is also an important mineral material for extracting barium metal and preparing various barium compounds. Industrially important barium compounds are barium carbonate, barium chloride, sulfuric acid, barium nitrate, barium hydroxide, barium oxide, barium peroxide, barium chromate, barium manganate, barium chlorate, zinc barium white, and barium polysulfide. Wait. Barium compounds are widely used: as materials and fillers for rubber, plastics, pigments, coatings, papermaking, textiles, paints, inks, welding rods; as materials for barium-based greases, oil refining, sugar beet, and rayon; Used as pesticides, sterilants, rodenticides, explosives, green fireworks, signal bullets, tracer bullets, indicators of medical X-ray images, etc .; also used in glass, ceramics, leather, electronics, building materials, metallurgy and other parts. With an annual output of 60,000 tons of various nano-scale (modified) precipitated barium sulfate, sub-nanometer (modified) precipitated barium sulfate and functional powder materials.