Professional custom transparent film masterbatch with good performance!
- 2019-09-25-

Transparent blown film masterbatch is made of mineral powder as the main material, which can make plastic adhere to outstanding light transmittance. It should be noted that transparent masterbatch is composed of mineral powder and resin, but because of the refractive index of mineral powder, Transparent masterbatch does not increase the transparency of plastics, but only reduces or does not affect the transparency of plastics as much as possible.

Custom blown film masterbatch features:

1. Increasing the transparency of the film of this product is good, and the light transmittance is much higher than the film of increasing the general film masterbatch.

2. The loss of mechanical properties is very small, such as the right-angle tear strength, tensile strength, and crack elongation are significantly better than those of adding a general masterbatch film, which basically adheres to the main mechanical properties of the material.

3. Add this product to PE pipe, increase the transparency of PE pipe by 10% -15%, and the transparency of pure PE pipe has no obvious change, and can balance or eliminate internal stress, improve processability, and help to uniform pipe wall thickness Consistently, the ring stiffness and impact strength of the pipe have also been improved.

4. Improve light transmittance, increase surface finish, improve product appearance, high heat resistance, improve impact strength, increase tensile strength and flexural strength.

5. The transparent filled masterbatch can be used to replace the high price of high transparent polypropylene, thereby greatly reducing the cost. Can reduce product costs by 5-20% or more (specifically based on the increase).

6, with outstanding dispersibility, flowability, processability, light transmittance. It can improve the thermal deformation temperature and dimensional stability, shorten the processing cycle, reduce production costs, and easily disperse.

The application fields of blown film transparent masterbatch are mainly profiles, extrusion, injection molding, calendaring, film, tableware, sheet, sheet, pipe, profile, extrusion, injection molding, calendaring, biodegradable plastics, recycled plastics, etc. Good compatibility with these plastics, good compatibility with plastics to increase inorganic organic fillers.

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