Multifunctional titanium white additive AY-726W

Multifunctional titanium white additive AY-726W

Product Details

AY-726W is a new achievement developed by Anyi Group through a number of scientific research institutions. It adopts high-tech nanotechnology. The product uses barium sulfate as the core and is coated with titanium dioxide. The coating was then densely coated with silica. Uniform particle size, narrow distribution range, good chemical stability, high degree of activation, good dispersibility and high whiteness. It is specially used in various powder coatings, plastics, paints, inks and other products to replace various white pigments, which can significantly improve the surface gloss, weather resistance and reduce costs of products.

Product Features

◇ High hiding power, good dispersibility, using this product to replace 20% of titanium dioxide in the formula will not affect the hiding power.

◇ Acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and no light loss, good salt spray resistance and weather resistance.

◇ High degree of activation and good affinity with various resins, which can greatly improve various mechanical properties of the product.

◇ High whiteness, neutral color, can maintain the stability of color tone for a long time and reduce the amount of pigment.

◇ High L ° value, the product surface has super high gloss and vividness.

◇ Less impurities, no harmful substances, can ensure the safety of the product and the cleanliness of the coating surface.