Modified superfine precipitated barium sulfate AY-JB30

Modified superfine precipitated barium sulfate AY-JB30

Product Details

Product introduction: AY-JB30 AY-JB30 is a new achievement developed by many scientific research institutions and adopts high-tech nanotechnology. Small particle size, narrow distribution range, good chemical stability, high activation degree, good dispersion, high whiteness and other characteristics. It can be applied to various inks, engineering plastics, automotive coatings, chemical fiber textiles and other products, can maintain the transparency of the products, and significantly improve the surface gloss, color rendering, paint film hardness, weather resistance, adhesion and reduce costs.

Product Features:

◇Small particle size, low scattering rate, and very high transparency.

◇It can improve the color rendering and transparency of the pigment.

◇Good dispersibility, high activation degree, and good compatibility with various resins.

◇High whiteness, neutral color, can maintain the stability of the color for a long time and reduce the amount of pigment.

◇The L° value is high, and the surface of the product has super high gloss and vividness.

◇There are few impurities, no harmful substances, and the safety of products can be guaranteed.

◇It can be used to improve the directional arrangement of the pigments to make the arrangement of the pigments consistent and brighter.

◇It has a stabilizing effect on inorganic and organic pigments and prevents flocculation, floating or bleeding.

◇Acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and good weather resistance.



White powder

The average particle size


GG lt;30

Oil absorption








Volatile at 105℃






Product recommended use

AY-JB30 can be widely used in various PCB inks, printing inks, engineering plastics, automotive coatings, chemical fiber textiles and other industries.

Packaging and storage

Generally 25kg/bag. Store in a cool, dry, dark place and avoid getting wet. The shelf life is 1 year.

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